NOTE: These are not my notes. I found these notes from various resources used these to prepare myself for the o'level chemistry exam.

COMPLETE O'LEVEL CHEMISTRY NOTES.pdf - These notes proved to be really helpful.

FINAL REVISION GUIDE.pdf - Best for revision before the exam

More Notes:
(by Hassan Nadeem)

(1)   Experimental Chemistry
(2)   The Particulate Nature of Matter
(3)   Methods of Purification
(4)   The Structure of the Atom
(5)   Elements Compounds and Mixtures
(6)   Bonding and Structure
(7)   Chemical Formulae and Equations
(8)   The Mole
(9)   Electrochemistry
(10) Chemical Reactions
(11) The Chemistry and Uses of Acids, Bases and Salts
(12) The Periodic Table
(13) Metals

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